Article from the Sun-Journal

By Mary LOU Wendell
Sun-Journal Staff Writer

Students at Lewiston middle school cried. They laughed, They also screamed and shouted as they walked out the front doors of their school Friday and into the first moments of their summer vacation, It’s a little sad,” said seventh-grader Mike Wessling You’re saying good-bye to all your friends. You might not see them all summer.

“It’s also a relief Wessling said. “I actually made it.” The last day of school in Lewiston this year brought both joy and sadness to students and School Department employees alike. For most, Friday meant the end of tests, homework and long classroom hours. But far 15 School De payment employees, it meant the last day of employment. It also meant the final days for Wallace School, the oldest school in the city.

Meanwhile, students at the middle school Friday afternoon were heading for their very own special assembly, replete with tricks and deceptions of the eye performed by Wes Booth, a master magician from Bangor.

After the audience of more than 700 middle school students clapped upon his arrival, Booth said, “Thank you and welcome to the last day of school.”

The crowd clapped.

The magician proceeded to dazzle students with card, ring and handkerchief tricks. He even turned a pot of flames into a white rabbit.

Booth was part of a day of activities organized by a small committee of teachers as a special send-off for students. The options for the students included cake decorating, tennis at Bates College, basketball and the Lewiston Armory, movies, a bubble-blowing contest and juggling, according to teachers Michel Courchesne and Kathy Cutter.

Courchesne and Cutter helped organize the day’s activities.

“It’s to set a tone for the end of the year,” Courchesne said. “It’s a nice way of saying ‘So long’ to the kids for the summer.”


Skowhegan State Fair Loves Maine's Best Magician, Wes Booth

“We engaged Wes to perform at our “Children’s Barnyard” area for a week at our 1990 Fair and he did an excellent job for us. We had built a new small stage area and Wes was the backbone of the program for that part of our Fair. He gave us three shows daily and coordinated the program for the area. In addition to being a talented Magician Wes in a showman and cooperative partner in implemented the Fair’s objectives. If you use him, we believe you will like him.

Skowhegan State Fair”


Let's be honest, All of Maine loves Maine's Greatest Magician, Wes Booth

“The Skowhegan Community Action Group has had the pleasure of obtaining the services of Wes Booth, Magician, on several occasions for public performances at the Skowhegan Opera House as well as at the Skowhegan Cinemas.

SCAG enjoyed working with Mr. Booth on these occasions and look forward to future events where his excellent program can be again be used.

You will find Wes Booth to be very cooperative and helpful in providing the very best program for whatever your purpose may be.

Audiences enjoy his performance geared to all ages. It is but a moment after he setps onto the stage they he has completely captured the attention of those present and he literally holds them in the palm of his hand throughout the performance.

You will have a good time, because Wes Booth has a good time doing what he does so well!

Now that is magic…

Very truly yours,

Skowhegan Community Action Group”



The Proof Is In The Handwritten Referral Letter Lauding Maine's Greatest Magician, Wes Booth

Everyone loved the show! Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to present a fundraiser for the entire family. The entire evening was a success…

Central School P.T.O

South Berwick, ME