Maine magician presents anti-bully message

October 26th was gray and wet. Perfect day to present an anti-bullying magic show. Showtime was 10am so I arrived for pack in at 8:30. The staff at the school was very accomodating, but, ugh–their recently installed front patio of field stone meant I could not back the magic mobile right up to the doors for an easy pack in, rather would have to lug it from the curb. Oh, well, such is the life of Maine’s Master Magician! Luckily the school had a nice dolly with big wheels, so even the somewhat bumpy stone patio was easily negotiated….and what a reward awaited: a beautiful stage with a full proscenium arch, 5 wings, complete backdrop and a full lighting system! Love it! 2 trips were enough to complete the pack in, the sound check of our wireless system was next, then setting up the stage for “Wes Booth’s Be a Friend, Not a Bully.”  Once the curtain opened I was greeted by a warm and enthusiastic round of applause.  Stepping out dressed in full magician regalia including cape, top hat and cane, I could not help but think how Halloween was right around the corner, and so wished the eager students an early greeting for the day.  As I started the magic show and then transitioned into the anti-bullying message I was reminded how statistics show that 160,000 students in this country stay away from school everyday because they are afraid of being bullied.  Bullying is behavior that is intentionally mean to others either physically, psychologically, or emotionally (or all) and is carried out on a repeated, ongoing basis.  Believe it or not national studies indicate that 25% of teachers don’t really view bullying as a problem, and as a result intervene only 4 % of the time in bullying incidents.  It seems they view it as a “kids will be kids” sort of thing–which true bullying is NOT.  My presentation was exactly 45 minutes.  The 8 audience volunteers who helped me were phenomenal!!  After the show SO many kids thanked me—and So many of them said (no kidding!), “You are the best magician I’ve ever seen!”  Kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!!