MagicMania Fundraising Show

MagicMania Fundraiser

Looking for a fun and easy way to raise big money for your group while at the same time bringing a professional, family-fun show to your community?  Wes Booth’s MagicMania Fundraiser might be just what you’re looking for!

The MagicMania show is 1) easy to host, 2) positive for your community, and 3) HIGHLY profitable.  MagicMania is a professional, two act 90 minute family show featuring “Lucky the Magic Clown,” and “Amazing Magic of Wes.”  MagicMania splits ticket proceeds 50/50% with you, and you keep ALL of snack, refreshment, and raffle sales.  Many schools have realized $1,500-$2,000 or more in one day, while benefiting from a fun filled family event in their community.

This is a great way to increase parent involvement, enhance a community spirit, and raise money for your cause.  Hosting MagicMania is easy as ABC:

A) Provide a place for the show.

B) Promote attendance following our simple, proven method.

C) Pocket the Profits!

Please contact us by email or phone (207) 416-2249, to talk about your group, for more information, or for available dates and times.