October 18, 2012

Wow–Did you hear about the thwarted bombing in NYC yesterday? Glad that law enforcement stopped it! Crazy world. Hey, come check me out Saturday 10-20-12 at Hampden Municipal Building for “Reading is Magic!” Showtime is 11am!

October 17th 2012

Wow–what is that funny, bright, burning, hot, light thingie in the sky today—oh, yeah, it is the SUN–almost forgot what it looked like…busy day today at the global magic HQ…prepping some props for the Holiday-Christmas shows…out for Pat’s pizza–Maine’s best– later…then a magic photo shoot 2nite

Tuesday, October 16th

Rain, rain, go away–come again some other day! I remember that poem from when I was a kid. We sure have had our share of the wet stuff in Maine lately. I spent the day painting and refinishing some of my props for the upcoming season of Holiday and...