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Magic in Maine

Hey gang! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. For magicians in Maine the winter months usually mean re-painting props, developing new shows for the summer tours, and just plain trying to stay warm!!! Also, yours truly, “Maine’s Master Magician,” has been involved in some major upgrades to...

Busy Holiday Magic Season

Whew! Finally a chance to catch my breath. This December has been very busy with magic shows, clowning, and balloons. I still have some shows to do before Christmas, but am over the hump. As all of you were, I was absolutely horrified by the terrible event in Newtown,...

Wes Booth’s magic show, “Be a Friend, Not a Bully” school program a BIG hit!

Last week was very, very busy in many ways. I made several tweaks to the “Wes Booth’s Be a Friend–Not a Bully” school assembly magic show, as well as paying attention to some farming issues here at the Magic Ranch! All the show prep and tweaking paid off during...